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Mold Related Services

Crawl space access door

Whole Home Inspections & Consultations

Worried you have mold? Have mold and not sure what to do about it? 


We'll come inspector your whole home (including the crawl space) and walk through recommendations for repair. 

Petri dish showing mold growth

Mold & Air Quality Testing

If you are concerned you have mold and we can't find it, we can do air and surface samples to try to find it. 

Mold growth on walls and ceiling

Mold Removal &

Dry-Fog Treatment

We can take care of any mold problem you have - visible or not. 

Our Dry-Fog sterilizes the air and surfaces, and helps prevent against future growth. 

Crawl Space Repairs & Moisture Prevention

Vapor Barrier.PNG

Vapor Barriers

Primary cause of mold growth in the crawl space is humidity that comes from the ground. 

We have quick fixes or long haul solutions to fit any budget.



Dehumidifiers are your second most important defense against humdity. 

Ours come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty

sump pump.PNG

French Drains

& Sump Pumps

If you have high ground water or foundation water intrusion, french drains are for you.

We'll help make sure your crawl space stays 

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