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Thank you for choosing Pure Air North Carolina for your mold needs!

We are confident in the effectiveness of our treatment. So confident, in fact, that we offer a 1 Year Free Re-treatment Warranty on the treatment process. This warranty stays with the home, so if you sell the new buyers will be able to trust in the solution as well. A longer warranty is available through our recurring inspection service called the Peace of Mind warranty plan.

What this means

If you see mold growth or are otherwise concerned mold has returned to your living space we will return and retreat your home or office based on the warranty coverage below.

Our only requirements of the warranty are:

1. No water intrusion into your home. Examples of water intrustion include, but are not limited to:

      a) Leaking Plumbing

      b) Roof leaks

      c) Poor window/door seals allowing water into home

2. No prolonged periods of high humidity or moisture issues (over 60% humidity inside the home).

3. Home cannot be left unoccupied for more than a 30 day period

4. Our Service Technicians will perform an air test in your home. If the test returns showing new mold growth and all three of the first conditions have been met, we will re-treat. If the test does not show new mold growth there will be a $145 charge for the test.

5.  Recommended repairs must be completed properly. The repairs do not have to be completed by Pure Air, but they cannot be neglected.

At times it is unknown to the home owner and the service technician that there is active water intrusion during treatment. This will not immediately void the warranty. If the leak is found during treatment the technician will complete the treatment to eliminate as many mold spores as possible. The homeowner will need to repair the issue and dry the area as soon as possible and schedule for a follow-up treatment. A service fee for re-treatment may apply. If repairs are not made and a follow-up treatment is not performed the warranty will be void.

Partial Interior Treatments, Vehicles, and Exteriors Warranty: These locations are covered by a  90 (ninety) day free re-treatment warranty.

Dated January 31, 2022

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