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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Want. If there is anything missing, let us know.

  • If this process is so great, why have I never heard of it before?"
    We had the exact same thought. It certainly sounds like a "too good to be true". But just like any new technology or process, it takes time to spread the word and inform the masses. This is where we all can work together.
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely. Our products are considered "green". While we don't recommend being inside during treatment without a respirator, the chemicals are mostly dissipated and at safe levels by the time we leave.
  • How long will the treatment keep my home mold free?
    The EPA has tested results for 90 days. Our warranty goes much longer than that. As long as moisture and water problems remain resolved homes have shown to be mold free for many years longer.
  • Do you really offer a lifetime warranty?
    We have a prorated lifetime warranty As long as there aren't any additional water problems our warranty will discount follow up treatments by the following rates: 1st Year - 100% off the original treatment rate 2nd Year - 50% off the original treatment rate 3rd Year - 40% off the original treatment rate 4th Year - 30% off the original treatment rate 5th+ Year - 20% off the original treatment rate
  • Can you test our home for mold?
    Yes we can. Mold tests are $95 for the first and $45 for each additional. Results typically take 3-5 business days but rush requests are available.
  • How do we prepare for a treatment? Should we cover our furniture and electronics?
    No need! Our dry fog means nothing gets wet. Most important steps are to remove your furnace air filter and leave us a new one to treat and install, and make sure surfaces are dust free so EverPure can coat properly. See this page for more insight on preparing for a treatment:
  • What do we need to do after a treatment?
    For the most part, nothing. There will likely be a lingering "vinegarish" smell for a little while, so you may want to open windows and circulate the air.
  • Do you do home repairs and renovations as well?
    Yes and no. What we can't do ourselves we do usually have someone we can recommend to help with the work.
  • I'm a contractor and I would like to work with you.
    Great! Give us a call and we can talk through the details.
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