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10 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

When spring finally peaks its head up through the dreariness of winter, most of us get that all too familiar urge to clean, organize and purge.

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, you’ll start looking for ways to spruce up your home, but in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a good idea to do a little extra deep cleaning in addition to your typical spring cleaning jobs.

Here are a few ways you can amp up your spring cleaning for 2021:

Steps for Successful Spring Cleaning

What to Clean With?

Using the correct cleaning solutions makes all the difference. According to the CDC, the best way to clean your home is with soap and water and then follow up with disinfectant. You can choose brand-name products like Clorox, Lysol, Pine-sol, or you can make your own with bleach, vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia.

Have a Plan of Attack

The best strategy for total home cleaning is to work your way from top to bottom. That means starting with the ceiling fans then working your way down to window treatments and furniture before attempting to get settled dirt and dust off the baseboards. Otherwise, you’re undoing all your hard work!

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Inspections and basic home maintenance can save money over the years, and it protects your home and everyone in it.

Spring is a great time to make sure your home is as safe as possible. Dangers like mold, carbon monoxide, and fire are responsible for thousands of deaths each year, not to mention devastating property loss.

Conduct a Mold Inspection

Invest in a professional mold inspection during spring cleaning. Mold is a huge issue for those with respiratory issues, but it really isn’t something you want to breathe in on a daily basis regardless of your state of health!

Pure Air North Carolina in Charlotte is offering free mold testing for the month of the March. Experience peace of mind with a professional mold inspection today!

Check your Safety Equipment

Every home should have a smoke detector, CO2 detector, fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. As spring rolls in, take the time to check the batteries in all your devices and to restock your first aid kit while you’re doing other once-a-year jobs.

Clear the Air

Change air filters in your HVAC system, as well as small devices like air purifiers and vacuums (or wash them thoroughly, if they are reusable). Not only does this improve the air quality in your home – and reduce the chance of you getting sick – but it also improves the efficiency of these systems.

Refresh Household Surfaces for Spring

Certain surfaces like the bathroom counter and coffee tables get wiped down frequently. But other areas don’t get quite as much attention, so spring cleaning should definitely include the rarely-cleaned but often-touched places in your home.

Use the appropriate cleaning products on each of these surfaces so you don’t stain them, remove their protective coating, or discolor them.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture gets dirtier than you might think. Dust and stains settle into fabrics easily, and those are the least of your worries. Dust mites, mold and mildew can hide within your furniture, too. Professional upholstery cleaning will leave your furniture looking better, smelling fresher and allergen free.

Wipe Down Windows

After a long winter with the windows closed up tight, they could use a good cleaning inside and out. Use a microfiber cloth and plain water, store-bought cleaner, or a homemade mixture of vinegar and water. If you’re using a chemical cleaner, clean your windows on an overcast day so the sun doesn’t dry it up faster than you can wipe it off! This is a good time to check for tears in the screens and replace those as well.

Sanitize All Kitchen Surfaces

Countertops can always use a good cleaning. Choose the right product for your marble, granite tile, or wood countertops to sanitize your food prep surfaces. Also, make sure you give a good cleaning to the top of the fridge, cutting boards, and cabinet doors – surfaces that don’t often get deep cleaned.

Finally, Take Care of the Floors

Everything settles into your floors when you clean. Although you may think some surfaces are impervious to dust and dirt, no flooring truly repels stains and dirt.

Once you’ve cleaned all the upper surfaces in your home, you won’t be knocking more dirt and dust back onto the floors. Don’t bother deep cleaning floors until the rest of your cleaning is complete.

Get Deep Down into Tile and Grout

This includes tile, stone and grout, which can trap particles in microscopic pores. Cleaning and disinfecting the surface of tile and grout won’t remove all these particles, so you’ll need to use a method that goes beneath the surface.

One way to do this is by scrubbing with a specially designed brush. Steam cleaning is another way to deep clean tile and grout. Intense steam can reach into the deepest pours of these hard surfaces where a brush may not be able to access.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet traps dirt and microscopic germs that get stirred up every time you walk across it. Professional carpet cleaners have the tools and training to restore your carpet, adding years to its life while beautifying your home.

They can also ensure that no excess water is left behind, so there’s no chance of mold or mildew getting a foothold underneath your carpet where it can grow unchecked. This is why do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is a little dicey.

Every spring, you probably do some spring cleaning, but 2021 presents its own set of challenges. By following these simple guidelines, your home will look and smell fresh – and be completely ready for spring and summer.

But what’s more, you’ll reduce the amount of germs and allergens within your home.

To get the best clean, you may want to elicit the help of a professional for some tasks and do the rest yourself.

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