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Have your mold removed in a matter of hours.

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Powered by Pure Maintenance technology, our Dry Fog removes ALL mold from your home. 

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Below are tape samples of mold taken before, during, and after a treatment.

When viewed under a microscope you can see the mold spores are completely destroyed


Before Treatment

5 Minutes.PNG

After 5 Minutes

1 Hour.PNG

After 1 Hour


After Treatment

Shirley H.

Came the next day, polite and professional, reasonable cost. I’m very pleased...Everything was accomplished in one day and I’m confident in the results and the guarantee. Highly recommend this company and found Jason very easy to communicate with. If you like the smell of vinegar you can move right back in. Think I’ll have a salad now!

Nisha R.

Daniel and Jason were both wonderful and knowledgeable about mold testing, as well as took the time to understand our situation before jumping into the technical aspects. Highly recommend them for going above and beyond!

Sonya B.

I felt they provided service that is above and beyond. My home smells and feels so healthy. I am very pleased with the service I received.

Straight from our customers...

Why the Pure Air Way?

More Effective

Dry fog technology fills the entire space to eliminate spores on surfaces, in the air, and inside fabrics. 

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Not months, weeks, or even days. Treatment takes only a few hours so you can get back to regular life.

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Less Expensive

Little to no demolition means no expensive contractors  

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You'll be protected by our   lifetime mold-free warranty.

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What now?

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Step 5: 

Call if you ever have questions

Step 2: 

Treat your Home

Step 3:

Lab verifies treatment was effective

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